Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Tachikoma a Day: Day 10 (victory!)

Sweet, sweet serendipity!

Yesterday, I didn't hold out much that my last box would get me my last Tachikoma. Really, at best, it was a 1-in-6+ chance.

In fact, a buddy who's following this middlingly interesting day-for-day journey, posted:
You don't think they'd really put the whole set in one box do you? I bet their distribution machine sorter has a subroutine just to avoid that kind of situation.
Well, in fact, I did get the last Tachikoma -- a first-version blue -- and the final BAF piece for the ARM SUIT build-a-figure.

Makes me wonder if the opposite is true -- maybe Organic Hobby is all about making sure there's one complete set per case.

Or maybe it's all random, and I just got lucky.

Same difference, though.

This little gal is really close to the S.A.C.: 2nd GIG standard version I acquired a couple of days ago. The main differences are the interior markings on the abdomen, the arms (both of which match their equivalents on the Tachi-Blue, even though the abdomens themselves are different), the cannon (which is shorter and thicker than those on both the 2nd GIG standard and the Uchikoma), and it has wheels instead of toed feet (which I prefer, from a poseability perspective, since the toes aren't articulated in these small sculpts).

Blue Tachikoma, 1st version edition.
I'll probably do a follow-up post or two with the whole Tachikomans Gang, and/or the assembled ARM SUIT (now that I have all of the BAF pieces).

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