Thursday, August 30, 2007

Li'l Cap'n America 'n Li'l Wolvie

So, these are definitely different.

I have a friend who is always "looking out for Captain America, in all of his forms" for me.

He found me this two-pack of Captain America and Wolverine wooden toys from Learning Curve's line of Play Town toys.

These things are freaking cute. And they're made of wood (well, except the arms and feet). The craftsmanship is top-notch (for example, the feet are screwed, not just glued, into the wooden torso). The deco (paint) is spot-on, too.

Seriously, they're like benign versions of South Park-ish Americana comic book toys. I didn't even know these things existed.

The comic above is a take-off from Marvel's recent "Civil War" story arc. Seriously, the other two-pack in this series is Spide-Man and The Hulk; if they'd just replaced Green Genes with Luke Cage, my head probably would have exploded.

And I mixed the "Mighty 'Vengers" with "X-Babies".

And I'm making fun of Wolverine's short stature.

Below is the storyboard that spawned this week's comic episode:

Here's a detail of the "Li'l Cap'n 'Merica":

Here's a detail of the "Li'l Wolvie":

Front of the toys, in-package:

Back of the packaging:
I thought this was nifty -- no twist-ties. Just these little locking plastic caps that you twist to unlock the figures from their cardboard and plastic bases. Somebody invented these.

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